Mothers Day Gifts to Make your Mom Feel Truly Special

Mothers Day: Show mom how much you care

It was Mothers Day a few weeks ago and as always I had lots of anxious calls and texts from friends desperate for ideas for gifts. Chocolates, flowers and toiletries are wonderful gifts that will never lose their appeal but many of us want to give our moms a present that is truly unique, just like moms are! So here are my Tips for Mothers DayGifts to make your mom feel special!

– Art:

A nice painting or sculpture is something that will beautify her home and bring happy memories for years to come. Not only that, but choosing something that matches her taste will show how much you care. It doesn’t need to be expensive:

I have found some fantastic pieces of art at thrift stores and flea markets; and there are hundreds of unknown but talented artists selling their work online.

– Classes:

Learning a new skill or taking up a hobby will give your mom pleasure, let her meet new people and keep her mind and body in shape. Languages, cooking, yoga, outdoor activities or dance, there are endless possibilities

– Book a weekend break for you and your mom and surprise her with the tickets! A friend recently look her mom to the Quebec wine route in Brome-Missisquoia and had a wonderful time. Not only is this a great experience for mom, it is a chance for you to spend quality time together.

A final word, present-buying is not just about what you give. Giving a gift in the right way is equally important. So get the whole family together on Mothers Day so mom can be surrounded by her loved ones, and take the time to create a nice, warm atmosphere.


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