DIY anniversary gift: Alphabet of love book

Try making a diy anniversary gift alphabet of love book

Ever wondered what to give a loved one on an anniversary? Sometimes we would prefer to make something ourselves, to let those creative elements inside us fashion something that truly represents our love for our other half. In a love relationship, these may be some of your most cherished moments. Why not try a DIY anniversary gift alphabet of love book? You can make it yourself by buying a simple generic notebook from your local superstore. Add some design to the front cover, such as a red velvet cut-out heart, a pretty ribbon, draw some lips or even kiss the cover; if you are a lady of course. The DIY anniversary gift alphabet of love book is a collection of words and phrases of love, a way of expressing your love for your partner by writing heartfelt and poetic stanzas. Each new letter will start of your love-phrase. ‘A’ could be ‘Always loving you…’ or ‘An eternal love of yours’ and so forth. An anniversary gift is the definition of love, so why not try making your own alphabet love book as a way of showing your care for your partner.