Chocolates – A woman’s first love

There are three things a Canadian woman cannot resist – diamonds, shopping and chocolates. Chocolate, once a staple bitter drink of a South American army, is now a wonderful concoction of all things luxurious from nuts, cocoa butter, wine, caramel, liqueurs, Irish crème and at times just on its own. Nothing can charm its way better.

The art of luxurious chocolates is synonymous with Belgium. Handmade, carefully crafted chocolates are a Belgian heaven. It is even said that Belgians eat more than 10,000 kilograms of chocolates each a year. Now that’s a lot of chocolate.

Luxurious chocolates are known for a whole lot of things. They are beautifully shaped and crafted with utmost care. Ideal for gifting, these are the ultimate joy that you can package and give to the one you love. From chocolate fondues, rum shots and truffles, there’s no dearth of varieties to make your loved one’s day.

chocolate fondue - taste the haven

Truffles are perhaps the most expensive chocolates you can buy. These are pure raw cocoa ingredients that are concocted with rich cocoa butter and exotic condiments. Truffles are the chocolates you pop in your mouth and they have a gorgeous centre that burst and melts in your mouth. Truffles can be of every flavor, from almonds, brazil nuts and strawberries, to cranberries, rum and mint. The key is to find a perfect blend of the right ingredients and the right texture. Now, that defines a truffle.

Pralines have been favorites of the Egyptians, the Kings of France and even your loved one. Pralines are chocolates with wonderful soft centers. These chocolates are made by beating pure cocoa, cocoa fat, cocoa butter and different nuts together. This creates a luxurious paste that is simply gorgeous. Some pralines add chopped pieces of nuts and fruits to add another dimension to the taste of these chocolates.


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